For the fun, but especially not polemizes, are told here some anecdotes or stories which will have marked out certain shells trips.
This Page will thus be updated progressively with the recollection of these tours.

History 01 :
I finished cleaning myI finished cleaning my boat the shortly after a night exit, when I see two young kids of ten years to come towards me. After salute of use, one of them asks to me whether I knew the Mister who had made the book on Nigers Rostrated Cowries of New Caledonia. I answer him that I am well the Author of this book. All timidly, it requires of me then if I wanted to deliver my opinion well to him on a cowry which it had just found not very far. To my consent, it religiously leaves one of its pockets an end of wet rag. Unpacking precautiously in front of me, in my amazed eyes a splendid Pallidulla Rhinoceros Nigerostrated appears then rostrated as I had never yet seen some !. A true monster of rostration Base in the form of rhombus, fronts and back rostres upper on more 03,00 mm, black intense granulous top, of a size of more than 35,00 mm, in more !. I had in vain, this morning, to make use of a whole arsenal of persuasion so that it yields it to me, to even exchanges it me against a batch of other Nigers, but nothing has to make, arguing that it was its very first Niger Rostrated Cowry he found, he did not want anything to know !. After their go back home, I often thought of this marvellous shell of which I do not have, by this date, not seen yet equivalence in this species, undoubtedly the world record in Pallidula Rhinoceros Cowry. If this Person, that I did not seen any more since, reads this Story and recognizes himself, I will like well that it contacts me on this subject, I would be to him liking.

History 02 :
One Thursday afternoon, I feel feverish, as electrified. In a state second, I cannot prevent myself from charging my material of night plunges in my boat, and the complementary into my car, to then take the road in the way of the Caledonian Great South. Direction Bay of Prony. While arriving at destination, towards 18h00 p.m., I note that the sea is dismounted, with beautiful breaking waves, carried by a wind of very constant South-East wind. That's no problem, I launch the boat, after me to be equipped for the diving. Direction the point with the cap of pines trees, do not ask me why just at this precise place, I could not say it to you. Once on the spot, at the almost fallen night, I realize that the undertow is impressive, beating the rocks in beautiful showers of foam, raising the sediments of the bottom, returning water enough turpide. By reflex, I drop anchor with broad bank, and put to me once with water equipped and lamp litted. My emptied mask of the water which was there, I light the bottom then, for immediately seeing, with the base of a large rock, an enormous Cribraria 100% jet glazed black of 38,40 mm size, very rostrated. Hardly income of my surprise, I circumvent stone by the line, to fall on a splendid Asellus very large and very rostrated posed on its wall. There, I trembled literally under my diving clothe, believing to live a dream. In spite of the ambient undertow and dirty water, I continue by reflex the turn of the rock, for immediately seeing a splendid Arabica Niger Rostrated 100% jet black granulous, of large beautiful size, in the train of runs to the short-nap near of surface, straightforwardly in ambient scum. Curiously, as from this moment, all my nervousness disappeared from a blow. That made only 02 or 03 minutes that I was in water, however, I returned to my boat, serene automatically, to go back home, closely persuaded that I would not find anything any more. 02 hours afterwards, I was well with the heat in my bed, to finish this nice very profitable night.

History 03 :
The next day, one more time, the same feverish take me again, not to far the same time. So, as eve day, I charge all night-diving material into my car, the Wave-Runner, without mistake to do fuel of Jet-Bombardier. Direction Bay of Prony.While arriving at destination, towards 17h45 p.m., I note that the sea still if not is dismounted than the day before, with superb waves in rocks breakers, carried by a wind of South-east even more extremely. I nevertheless launch the boat, after me to be equipped for the diving. Direction the point with the cap of pines trees again, do not ask me why still at this precise place, I could not say it to you. Opposite the place chosen, exactly the same one as the day before, I note again that the conditions are like the day before, even worse : large undertow, impressive showers of foam, very dirty water. I drop anchor with broad, hoping that it clings well, and holds the time of my diving. Lighting my headlight of diving, I launch myself, shaked by the waves. I did not even see the bottom, whereas there were hardly 03,00 meters. I approach the edge, while making attention to the covered rocks oysters with sharped edges. There, between 02 distant blocks of approximately 01,00 meter, posed on the bottom, evolved an enormous Eglantina 100% jet black granulous, base white, very rostrated, of 71,60 mm. I did not return from there : hardly 01 minute of diving, and already the jackpot !. After having put it in the sleeve of my wetsuit, I light the bank, for immediately foreseeing in foam, a superb rostrated Lynx very coloured 58,20 mm sunken coat. Threading me between the rock to seize it, I see just at side on the right, a sumptuous Mauritiana 100% jet hammered black, that I hasten to collect, before being pushed back towards falling by the undertow. From this moment, and as curiously as the day before, all my nervousness disappeared also suddenly. That made just 04 or 05 minutes that I was in diving, however, I returned to my boat, quit, to come back all-of-continuation at home, closely persuaded that I would not find anything any more. 02 hours afterwards, I was in the arms of Morphee, sinking in a sleep populated of sumptuous more extraordinary shells all the ones than the others.

History 04 :
Two days later, Saturday afternoon, again, same febrility begin again to me, about per same hour. Then, similar that the 02 other evenings, I charge all the necessary one in the car and Wave-Runner, the full of one gasoline of the Jet-Bomber remaining sufficient. Direction Bay of Prony, always. While arriving at destination, towards 18h30 p.m., I note that by this time that the sea is punt, completely smooth, only still remaining a well visible South-east swell, but on the other hand, total absence of wind, also far which my glance in this almost fallen night could carry. I quitly launch the boat, prepares me for the diving, then starts the engine. Direction Northern Prony Bay, site of the two Twins. Do not ask me why I did not take the direction of the place which had made a success of me so well the two preceding nights, because I could not say it to you !. 10 minutes afterwards, I was on the spot, and nothing to see with two nights the execrable conditions previous, because this time, the sea is flat with limpid water. I drop anchor in 2,50 meters of water, put me the lead belt, the palms, mask and tuba, light my headlight, then slips to me into water. Amazed, there, under my palms, evolved with the foot of the immersed rocks, I see a splendid Mappa 80% brilliant black of 82,70 mm, rostration beginning, with a superb draw above. I go down to collect it, I did not return from there !. A few seconds with water, and already a top Niger cowry !. I do not know why, but, instead of continuing to seek around these heaps of large immersed blocks, I am turned over, and traps the cord of damping of the boat to take the anchor in my hands. Then, direction, trailing the boat, with the stroke, towards the distant edge of coast of a few tens of meters, in straight line. Why?! . I know anything of nothing of it, but it was necessary that that is thus !. How by reflex !. Arriving at the edge, confused, I see immediately, in 01,00 meter of depth, with the limit of the rocks and of the sand of the beach, coast at coast with 20,00 cms one of the other, two splendid Arabicas 100% jet glazed black, base ivory-yellow-risen, rostrated, of 68,40 mm and 59,80 mm. I remain thus a few minute to look at them moving on sand, before collecting them. The continuation, and, finished well, I did not feel anything any more. Then, I go up on the boat, and come back home. 02 hours 30 afterwards, I slept of the sleep of the Juste, undoubtedly dreaming still with not less extraordinary more beautiful shells all the ones than the others.

History 05 :
In spite of a very strong wind of west, a Friend is able to convince to me to make a night trip. Problem, with the orientation of this type of wind, the zones of sheltered divings possible are not numerous, especially that I did not want to risk me to go too much far from the home port. One then decides to go towards the Point Maa, a site at approximately 20 minutes of navigation starting from Noumea. After an animated way, the swell being impressive in the lagoon, one arrives finally at destination, soaked to the bones, because we should have crossed a very dense downpour, and failed to lose us, so much the night was black. On the spot, there or usually water is limpid, we are entitled to a water resembling that of a river in rising, dirty with possible, and strongly agitated by undertows. I drop anchor a little randomly, and we prepare us for the diving. At the time of launching himself, my Friend balks to accompany me, being more completely laid out because of the color of water. That's no problem, I decide to go there nevertheless, and lets to me go into water while lighting my projector. Not knowing where I put the feet exactly and which depth there was under the boat, I there go gently and prudently. The body with half immersed, I then touch already the bottom, while slipping on something of stringer and sticky with the lower part of my right palm. I clarify all-of-continuation the bottom to see what that could be, and through turpid water, I see a superb Arabica 100% jet glazed black, base projecting milky-ivorine, rostrated, of 78,00 mm. Incredible. Without anything to see, I had straightforwardly put the foot above !. Collecting it in a cry of surprised through my tuba, I leave to half of water by holding up it at the end of the arm, right under the nose of my Friend, who wondered it why of this cry. After having entrusted to him so that it puts it in safety in the boat, I decide to continue on this good lucky find, and directs me towards reef falling, where water seems clearer to me. Just arrived at falling, I see, completely out of the holes and perfectly visible, laid out on approximately 2,00 square meters, 07 Eglantinas Nigers, starting from mongrel 30%, to 100% jet glazed black, bases milky-ivory, all with a very beautiful rostration of the base and extremities. There, I return to the boat, to show these pieces with my Friend, who, disgusted, decides definitively not to want to dive. As I had already made my Very good! fish, and considering the weather worsening conditions, I also choose me to make some as much. We then come back to the port, him stiff with cold, and me, very happy that he insisted as much so that one left this evening.

History 06 :
One evening that the weather was nice, I leave with three Friends for a blow plunges to the Bay Ouie. After one hour of road, arrival to the old Gendarmerie of Plum, and memorable launched of the boat because of the rocks and the sand of the plage. Then, starting of the engine to go to destination. After fifteen minutes of way, the sea being calm, we are at the entry of the Ouie Bay at the fallen night, and decide to begin the diving with the foot of second cliff. With a few meters of this one, we drop anchor. My Friends prepare themselves, and throw into water the ones after the others. Personally, I have as a practice to leave in the last, in order to ensure me that all is OK in my boat. Once ready, before launching to me, I connect my projector., which roasts all-of-continuation !. Aggravated, I arrange it to leave another them help and connects it., it immediately also roasts. Furious, I leave there a third, which undergoes the same fate !. Out of me, I leave the fourth And last ! projector. who seems to want to hold the blow, once connected. After a few seconds of waiting, I jump finally into water, to direct me in first towards the anchor, in order to ensure it, as with my practice. According to the line of damping, I arrive at the anchor, posed well at the top of an immense block of coral. The block of coral being almost smooth everywhere above, I seized the anchor punt of the left hand, to hang it in a small depression which overhung. There, then, under the anchor, broods at the bottom of the small basin of a few centimeters of depth, appear with my dazzled eyes, 03 magnificent Mappas Nigers, joined together, starting from mongrel 80%, to 100% jet glazed black, bases milky-ivorine-pink-mauve, rostrated. Releasing the anchor, I take them with to put them in sure place. Raising the last one, I see of it a fourth just below, a super monster 100% jet chechmate black, very rostrated, undoubtedly the most beautiful of the four ones. In my precipitation to want to seize it, this one escapes to me and slips into a hole which I had not seen, just below it, and place itself, base towards the outside of the hole, front extremities worms the interior. It is certainly by this hole, natural tunnel left free by the madrepore at the time of its growth, that the passage of the four Mappa undoubtedly had to be done, starting from its entrails. Consternation then., the hole, of a diameter all just higher than that the largest of the four Mappas, does not even leave the place there to slip my fingers around this Mappa and to seize it. With each time I test, this one goes down a little more. After three or four tests, it ends up disappearing at my sight, then with the touch of my fingers, finally, definitively into coral bloc entrails. Of spite to have lost this super top Niger cowry Which I never see again since !, I went up in my boat to wait for the come back of my Friends there. This night was one of most profitable than I ever knew with my boat. Not only I had personally found 03 Mappas And lost one !, but my Friends found a total of 13 Mappas Nigers Not less than 07 for one of them with him only !, 01 Lynx rostrated, 14 Cauricas Nigers, 01 Erosa super rostrated, and 01 monstrous Arabica.

History 07 :
One Friday afternoon, the sea being calm since the morning, I was looking by the window of the fourth floor of the building in which I worked, when a Colleague and Friend enter my office�� Arguing of fine weather that it made, it asks to me whether I did not want to leave to even plunge the night. As for me, it was always OK, I give him appointment to the wharf for 18h00 p.m.. After loading, he says to me that he would like to make a diving at the Reef of the Dangerous Benches. Not having tested it yet, I choose his proposal, and put the course towards this objective. Arrived at destination around 06h45 p.m., I drop anchor randomly, very close to coral falling, the tide being with high, and still rising half. After the preparations of use, we launch ourselves into water, very clear at this place. As my Friend starts to make coral falling it by the right, I decide to run by the left. Only two or three minutes after, my Friend makes me signs of call with his headlight. I arrive immediately, and, opening his right hand in front of my eyes, shows me 02 super Stolidas Nigers 90% jet glazed black, very large and very rostrated. Indicating me falling him to show me where he had found them, he says to me that it continued like that. Not wanting to disturb it, I take again my search towards the left, while seeking in bottom of coral falling, this time. At the end of a few minutes, I see the entry of a nice cave of approximately 80 centimeters height for 02,50 meters of width, near the bottom sand. I go down then, and starts to visit the interior. Surprised., in front of me, with approximately 01 meter, is fixed on the ceiling of the cave, hanging at the end of a stretched foot of 15 centimeters, 01 splendid Stolida Niger as beautiful as those of my Friend. At the moment when I seized it, 02 others ones, which I had not seen yet, are dropped on sand. Incredible., 03 superb Stolidas in a few seconds !. After hold them, I leave the hole, and goes up on the surface. Admiring my 03 pieces in the left hand, the beam of my lighting headlight the top of coral falling, I see immediately, around an opening in the coral, certainly connected to the cave which I had just made falling with, 04 other magnificent Stolidas Nigers laid out neighbourhood with a few centimeters of the edge, quickly pick up by me. There, I believed to dream., 07 superb Nigers cowries in less than two minutes. I was still admiring them in my left glove, when my Friend joined me. Very excited, he shows me a third Stolida Niger which he had just collected, but made gray mine when I showed him mine ones. Thereafter, the diving still lasted two hours, but one found nothing any more. But finally, with us all the same two, there were 10 Stolidas Nigers, all different from/to each other, and all tops !. The return to the port was merry, as one could suspect it.

History 08 :
Next Monday, the sea being always calm for several days, I have been once again looking by the window the super good weather, when I again receive the visit of my Colleague and Friend returns to see me, for the same reason as previous Friday. Of course, I was still OK for another trip the evening even, and appointment with the wharf for 18h00 p.m. gives again to him. After putting the boat into the water, departure in direction of., of course, the same place as previous Friday which was so profitable. Put of the anchor into water around 19h00 p.m., with few things close the good corner. Once ready, we launch ourselves into water, while lighting our projectors. This time, as the sea remained calm several days, more swell above coral falling, on the dish of the reef. Without acting in concert, my Friend starts to seek along coral falling, and me, the top in approximately 01,50 meters of depth, while going in the same direction. At the end of 01 hour, none us had still seen anything of interesting. Then suddenly, I hear to shout under water not far from me, and see my Friend going up falling while making me calls with his headlight. No the doubt, it surely had just found something. Arrived close to him, it opens its gantee left hand, and put to me under the nose one of most beautiful Stolidas Nigers than I ever saw. This cowry shell had all for it, a super size, an intense jet glazed black, a spectacular rostration of the two extremities, a very concave proeminent base, and so on.. From this moment, we started to seek more seriously, consolidated in the idea that the shells went At last ! to start to leave of their hiding-places with the favour of some mysterious influence only known of them. My Friend consequently starts again to seek along falling, with the favour of long apneas. Personally, without knowing why, I light the broad one, for immediately seeing in extreme limits of range of my headlight, which seems me to be a coral increase. Directing me right above, I discover indeed a shallow water of approximately 20 meters in diameter. After to have made the turn without success, I start to seek on the top, in approximately 03 meters of depth. Inside, I find a white sand bottom basin of a diameter of approximately05 meters. There, posed in full medium, into full in the beam of my headlight, a superb Stolida Niger ran on sand, entirely covered with its coat. I go down to seize it and goes up on the surface, while scanning the neighbourhoods. Surprised., I see, with a few centimeters of small interior falling, on sand in extreme cases of the coral increase, 04 other Stolidas Nigers. Not having urgency to recover them, those being still enough far from a hiding-place, I take my time to ventilate me good. That made, I go down and poses to me with knee on the sand bottom, in order to be able to admire these splendid pieces with their coats entirely covered for 02 of them, with half sunken for the others, letting appear their melanism in all his glare, moving up with a few centimeters from each to each., and, especially, of my mask !. With end of apnea, I finally pick up them in the left hand. 05 pieces in 02 or 03 minutes !. Fa-bu-lous !. At this time, my Friend, who was to suspect something by seeing me evolving with the broad one, starts to come towards me. I then remake an apnea to finish the inspection of this basin without success, and goes up then in direction of my Friend, while circumventing a block of coral. On the side of this block, hung without their coats, 02 other magnificent Stolidas Nigers went up, almost side-by-side !. If I had not circumvented this coral solid mass, there is no doubt that my Friend would have found them in my place !. In the tread, I collect them and put them in the left hand with the five others, whereas my Friend arrived.The large eyes which it made then, when, on the surface, I opened the left hand with the 07 Stolidas Nigers inside !., me-mo-ra-ble, sparks in his glance, through his mask !. For his part, it of had no more found, with the result that we finished the diving with 08 Stolidas tops found, which is not common, it should be recognized. Again, the return to the port was even merrier than precedent Friday, of not to doubt.

History 09 :
Very close to the Capital, around 19h00 p.m., I drop anchor in approximately 02,00 meters of depth of the lagoon of the coastal reef. Early in water, I locate a rather large dead coral solid mass a few meters large for a height from about 01,20, covered with beautiful Nigers algae. After closely thoroughly inspected the top, I start to make in the same way for the circumference. I then see the entry of a kind of natural tunnel a good half-meter in diameter being inserted inside the large solid coral mass. I plunge to scan the interior of it and there, just a little in withdrawal, posed on the top of a big rock, 01 splendid Eglantina Niger 100% jet glazed black of 72,00 mm. Seizing immediately by the top, I have the surprise to see the rock, on which it rested, to make a jump on side !. In fact, which I had taken for a rock, in my precipitation, was not anything else an enormous stone fish, of 03 even at least 04 kilos. One of largest, if not largest, that I ever saw hitherto !. Retrospectively, I started to tremble of all my body, in water !. What a atrocious puncture it would have inflicted me if I had caught this shell differently than by the top and touched its body !. Still now, it sometimes happens to me to think of it, and to shiver about that. Useless to say that that put prematurely end at my diving, and justified the immediate return to the port.

History 10 :
After having dropped anchor on a reef not far from Noumea, I wait the night fallen into the boat, dreaming in advance of beautiful Nigers that I was going to find this evening. The good arrived hour, I finish equipping me with the lested belt, then, drops me to water lit headlight. In spite of the several meters of depth under the boat, with my great surprise, my feet touch something of slackness immediately. I instinctively sweep the neighbourhoods with horizontal with my headlight. To discover in the beam, at a few meters of me, a monstrous tiger shark of almost 05 meters, starting a turn to circumvent me !. I believe that I never went up also quickly in a boat !. Incredible, the reflexes which one can have, in this kind of situation !. In any case, well took some to me, because, lighting from the boat the surface of water then, I see the shark immediately to pass under the hull, and to return to whirl around right after. Finally, taking into account the circumstances, forgetting my beautiful dreams of extraordinary lucky finds, I weigh the anchor, and come back to Home.

History 11 :
After a diving of almost 03 hours at the court of which I had found some nice Nigers cowries, I return towards the boat, not more less than fifty meters. Seeing a superb falling of coral, very dug and fissured, I make an apnea to arrive at his height. Inspecting the least hole correctly, I end up finding 01superb rostrated Isabella, base very coloured. After having seized it, I go up on the surface. Almost all-of-continuation, my head runs up against something of flask and very heavy. Incredible, I had just butted under the belly of an enormous manta ray of several meters of scale, and impressive thickness !. This one did not even move, in spite of the impact, continuing to remain quitly static in front of the current of downward tide. I am then obliged to go along its belly to find again access to surface, almost with end of breath. I am to remain several minutes then to look at it gorging itself with plankton, majestic, impassive monster sure of his quit mass. Lastly, suddenly, with an incredible speed on behalf of a similar mass, it disappeared at my sight. It is a meeting which I am not close forgetting easily, and which I did not have any more the occasion to make, since.

History 12 :
At Prony Bay, per black night and execrable weather, I cross out of Bay with my Jet-Bombardier to find a place under the wind where to plunge to the shelter of the waves and the undertow. Arrived on other side, I take refuge in a small calm bay, and undertake to go along the edge, to about fifty meters of the shore, all in lighting this one. Passed a small white sand beach, this one leaves the place to large blocks of black accumulated stones, very favourable to shelter many Nigers species. Suddenly, in the beam of my projector, to one of the enormous emerged blocks that it sweeps, a fugacious reflection draws my attention. Prudently, the thing being possible at the favour of a high tide of very strong amplitude, I approach the place where the glare had shone. Arrived at touching the rocks, I did not believe my eyes of them !. There, posed at the top of a stone, straightforwardly with dryness with more than 80 cms out of surface of water, within reach, monstrous Mauritiana Nigers of 82,00 mm paraded, without coat, its intense jet melanism shining of thousand fires under the light of my headlight !. What a splendour !. Moreover, cherry on the cake, I do not even need to go down from the boat to seize it, and take it immediately !. After having contemplated it in my hands several minutes, I then come back to the port, very happy not to have had to wet my combination to find this super top.

History 13 :
Another day, I go to Port-Boise Bay by car. After a way of almost 02 hours of road, I arrive finally at the old wharf, night already fallen. On this place, not need for boat, the site favourable in Nigers being accessible from the shore. I teams then for the night diving, since my car. Once ready, I goes down at the edge of water while passing over the large blocks of black stones accumulated here to contain the embankments of the wharf. Sat at the edge of water, the tide being almost high, I finish equipping me with mask and schnorkel, then and immerses me, while lighting my headlight. At the end of a few minutes, I feel weather puts itself at bad, from the undertow which is done malicious. Shaked in all the directions with causes of the beachcombers beating large stones, I after a fashion try to seek in the hollows between these blocks. Entering the bust in one of these hollows a little more accessible than the others, the head in foam and scum, suddenly something of rather heavy falls me on the head !. Then seeking under me what that could be, I discover, posed with back on the bottom of the crack., a splendid Mauritiana Niger of 73,00 mm, jet glazed black, fronts nozzles very rostrated. From there, I have all-of-continuation made half-turn to come back to the car, with a super top in the sleeve, but also a beautiful bump on the head, doubled of a not less beautiful sick headache. But, that was worth the sorrow of it, undoubtedly.

History 14 :
A few days later, I find myself with the same place, but a little later, around the 21h00 p.m., because of the time shift of the high tide in this boxed bay. The weather being clearly improved, the bay is then dressed up of a superb flat surface, one night of ink joining this idyllic table, all seems perfectly favourable this evening for that the exit of Nigers Rostrated of their hiding-places are optimum. Preparing me in less time than one should not any for to say, I join the edge then, without waiting more. After to have put my mask and schnorkel, I water hose. Lighting bottom towards falling, there, just in front of me, coming from broad, sauntering on the sand bottom in 01,50 meter of depth, 03 splendid Arabicas Nigers Rostrated 100% jet granulous black, with less than 50 centimeters each to each other. I collect them, then lights towards the broad one. There, posed around a large rock, 05 Eglantinas Nigers 100% jet glazed black and rostrated, small but very nice. No the doubt, it was one night of exit for these two species. Continuing on my impetus, after 02 hours of diving this evening, I found not less than 11 Eglantinas Nigers splendid, including 03 very rostrated, and 31 Arabicas Nigers rostrated of nice qualities, and all tops.

History 15 :
Left towards the Ouen Island, after a way of 45 minutes very hard for cause of a strong wind of South-East, I arrive finally at destination, and throw damping between the beach and falling it from the reef, in approximately 02,00 meters of water. The night being quite black, the still rising tide, and the sheltered zone of the wind prevailing, I am more serene, whereas I prepare for the diving. Once water, I ensure the anchor, as with my practice, and begins my search of rostrated immediately, this area being very known to conceal in abundance nice Annulus and Monetas. Mow, nearly 04 hours afterwards, I always had not observed anything of rostrated, even of only interesting. Shells seeming to balk to want to go so far as to leave this night, obviously. Having traversed several hundred meters in vain, I decide to stop research, and make half-turn to come back to the boat practically in straight line, without very paying attention to what could be under me passing some well. The return being made faster, 10 minutes after I arrive near the boat. Directing me towards the anchor to take down it, I have the surprise to see, gamboling at the top of one of his arms, 01 splendid super Clandestina rostrated of more than 20,00 mm !. I had tired the eyes to be sought everywhere else during hours without anything to find, whereas there were 01 part right under the boat !. After to have observed it one moment from every angle, I pick up it, and go up in the boat. Then, happy come back to home, without being lurch.

History 16 :
02 days later, I remake the same way for the same destination, the Ouen Island. This time the absence of wind contrasts enormously with the previous days and the sea is punt like a mirror. Arrived on the zone, having already prospected 02 days before rather on the right, I shift towards the left, almost in limit of the reef and the sand beach. Dropped anchor, I launch myself into water and leave in hunting, not without having to forget to ensure anchoring. And it set out again like 02 days ago. Nothing interesting to see during more than 03 hours, shells not being inclined to leave this evening either. Then, of spite, I resign myself to once again make half-turn in direction of the boat, distant of two good hundred meters. This time, I take my time while return, observing the bottom under me well while swimming�� The come back take then 01 good hour, when I arrive near the boat. As I had ensured the anchor at the base of the bottom of small coral falling, I go along this one to find it. Arrived at his height, I see, again, posed well in sight once again on the higher arm of the anchor, covered with its coat, but quite visible because of the jet chechmate black of its shell, a monstrous Errones Niger rostrated in the banana shape, of more than 30,00 mm !. Certainly a rather old shell, within sight of the milky-ivorine-orange-opaque color of the base and rostration. With the two days before, they were the 02 only times where this kind of strange lucky find arrived to me since.

History 17 :
At the good time when the reefs were not polluted yet by the alluvia collateral with the anarchistic exploitation of Nickel-Chromium in the great South Caledonien, I find myself one evening with the Reef of the 05 miles, with a Friend in his boat fastened edge-with-edge with the boat of a mutual Friend accompanied by 02 other accomplices, after having dropped anchor on the top of falling from coral. The sea is smooth like mercury, and not need for light to light us so much the moon is full and the limpid sky. It made almost day, one could have said !. But at that time, the night divings were so frequent and familiar for us that one did not make even any more attention with the tides, the moons, even winds, and one always found a place sheltered to launch itself. Moreover, there was then shell Nigerostratedabout everywhere in the zone of the large southern lagoon. Therefore, fi of the moon !. I plunge in company of my Friends a little more than 03 hours, without anything to see of interesting, the others either, except one of them which finds us 01 very beautiful Minoridens rather black and rather well rostree 13,20 mm. Considering of this fact that the shells were not with go, we decide together to curtail the diving, and go up all in our respective boats. After having removed our diving wetsuits, and to have changed, we taste a sandwich before starting the return, while unscrewing on. of course, Nigers Rostrated, each one going of its theory on the formation of this phenomenon. After 01 good hour of discussion, we weigh the anchor to leave, and start to go along the edge of the reef, me upright on before lighting boat the edge of the coral, that it was necessary for us to skirt to the idle to leave. At the end of a few minutes, I feel my body to quiver, then to tremble like a sheet, whereas I have the odd feeling to be aspired, as magnetized towards a precise part of falling which I am lighting. My right hand holding the projector directed the beam directly on this point, and did not vary any more, following the example rod of a Waterfinder. And me, I start to shout with the captain of going towards this point fixes. In front of my insistence, this one moves right towards the enlightened place. Arrived above, in a reflex I drop anchor, changes with the back, and start to give my combination of very wet diving. The occupants of the other boat, seeing that, make exactly the same thing, after having dropped anchor with a few meters of our boat. Loan the first, I try to connect my first headlight, that in my precipitation, I drop on the bottom from the boat and whose optics breaks. That's no problem, I in board always several of help when I leave to plunge night. I thus leave a second projector, which, once connected, grid before being even launched !. During this time all the others had ended up being equipped, and started to be launched before me !. Feverishly, I catch a third headlight, which I connect all while launching it. Like it seems to hold out, I finish equipping me with my mask and the tuba, then slips to me with water, while seizing the headlight lit beside me. Hardly the board I in hand which it dies out him too !. Furious, I have gone up in the boat, the others, during this time, had begun their tracking for 10 good minutes now. In the boat, I leave my last projector, slip it with water, then light it, while counting the seconds in my head, 01, 02, 03, and so on. Spent the minute, estimating that it will hold out, I go back to water, seizes it, then sinks towards the plate. My Friends having divided themselves falling it from the reef towards the right-hand side and the left, I take by the medium, by beginning research. After 02 or 03 meters, I arrive above a large white sand basin, bordered of one falling from coral 02,00 meters in height. I undertake to cross it in straight line, in order to join the coral increase, just in front of the shallow waters. Arrived at the medium, in 03 meters of depth, I see outgoing sand, a black shell which I believe being a Olive. This shell not being common here, I plunge to recover it, and take it in the left hand, while posing to me with knees on the sandy bottom. Immediately, in contact with this shell, I know that it is about another thing, then, loosening the fingers, I light my left glove. In fact, they is 01 monstrous Scurra Nigerostratedwhich is there, most beautiful that I ever had between the hands !. Launching an enormous cry under water, through my schnorkel, I go up on the surface whereas my Friends neighbourhood, hearing this cry, join me. They pass the part from hands in hands to see it, while swearing to which it better in turn !. All this small alleviated stir, I recover my lucky find, then directs me towards this coral increase which I wanted to join right before. As soon as I am above, I see all-of-continuation, almost together, 05 sumptuous Cauricas Nigers 100% black granulous, very large and very rostrated. Incredible !. 06 splendid parts in a few minutes !. From this moment, I find my calm interior, and then know, instinctively, that what had justified this second strange diving is finished. I consequently join the boat to change me while waiting for the others, which are not long in also going up them. The head when they also saw the 05 Cauricas additional !. The comments fused from each one, to cart me with which it better !. Then the 02 boat set out again together, and the return to the port was carried out without encumber.

History 18 :
At the time or one still made use of a headlight of 30 Watts at the end of an electric wire an average length of 15,00 meters, provided with polystyrene floats, connected to a round basin in figure surrounded by a tire tube inflated, and connected with the battery of car fixed at the bottom of this basin, it was not easy to trail this implements behind oneself. But, at least, that had the merit to authorize an advantageous autonomy several divings of a few hours without needing to reload. By a beautiful black night, I swim on the reef of the 05 miles in company of 02 Friends scattered far from me, collecting die some beautiful Nigers on the plate recifal, trailing behind me the dustbin with the battery. Suddenly, I feel drawn backwards, slowly but very strongly. Depth being approximately 01,20 meter, I successful to put to me upright on my webbed feet resting on the bottom, to see what it occurs. Water above the belt, while retaining the wire abused by sudden traction, I light in direction of the dustbin. Horror !. To 03 or 04 meters of the dustbin, between it and me, I see an enormous aileron of tiger shark. While wanting to cross on the surface the plate recifal, from the interior towards the broad one, the animal clung by the dorsal aileron to the floating wire, and quitly actuates the dustbin with him, drawing at the same time me !. At the time when the beam of light lights the aileron, the shark, surprised, starts out of arrow, cutting the electric wire !. I find yourself of only one blow completely in the black, without lamp of help, with this enormous shark in the immediate surroundings. Still upright, I succeeded in locating with far the small lamp from day before left on the boat, and direct me then right above, while looking on all the sides, awaiting me to see constantly melting on me this monstrous squale. I believe that I must run on water, so much my return to the boat is fast !. Once calmed the frantic beats of my heart, I weigh the anchor quickly made to go to recover my 02 Friends who them also have just seen one after the other passing the monster very close to them. The way of come back to the wharf is memorable, each one telling with his manner what he had been able to feel while seeing passing this squale very close to him !.

History 19 :
By a beautiful shone upon morning, not far from Noumea, I arrive, a little tardily, in a zone considered to conceal beautiful Nigers, and notes that I was preceded on the spot by 02 other amateurs, whose boat is anchored about in the middle of the good zone, and his occupants run to the left. I drop anchor, me teams, put to me with water and begins research while leaving towards the line. During more than 03 hours, I forces to raise large blocks of coral by 02 to 03 meters of depth. Without success since the beginning, I decide, finally, to turn over to the boat. Arrived at its height, right before going up above, I distinguish, in approximately 05,00 meters of depth, completely with the short-nap cloth of falling from coral to the edge of the sandy bottom, a large block of dead coral which was apparently not visited yet. After me to be well ventilated, I plunge to go to raise the block. This one so much very heavy, I must be propped up by taking support on the bottom with my feet to make it rock. I arrive there with difficulty, and must go up nimbly the provided effort so much cost me out of air. Of return on the surface, I aspire good fresh air, while observing the capsized block. I see then right in the middle of what was its hidden face, a monstrous Stolida Niger, whose coat returned almost completely. In a reflex, I starters a fast descent. With less d'01 meter to take it in hands, I see, amazed, a very large fish of the labre kind to sink on the shell, the choper between his teeth, and to set out again quitly towards the top of the reef !. Income of my surprise on the surface, I start to follow fish to try to catch up with it. Mow, this one is engulfed then in a large solid mass of algae, being put out of my sight. Superb Stolida too !. I sought in vain a good moment neighbourhood, this shell probably had to finish his life in the stomach of the labre !. What a wasting !. I am not close forgetting this disturbing Story.

History 20 :
One evening, in company of 03 Friends, I find myself with damping on one falling from coral of the reef Crouy Brick. Very while waiting for the fallen night, the sea being of oil, we unscrew quitly by enjoying this super flat sea. The tide being rising, and the night without the moon, we go there each one of our prognostic about of the most beautiful Niger which will be found during this diving. Suddenly, whereas we admire together the green ray of the setting sun to reflect ourselves on the surface of water, I put myself to feverishly prepare me for the diving, my assistants preferring to still wait the night supplements. Once ready, I light my headlight and changes with water, very clear at this place. The diving is announced ideal, because there is not even current, where usually it is necessary to cling. Without knowknowing why, I are satisfied to swim while skirting falling it from coral, all in illuminant negligemment directly from surface, without conviction, as attracted by a magnet towards a hypothetical place. More I advances, and more I feel that the goal is close !. Then, starting a turn towards the broad one, overhanging falling it, at the end of 03 or 04 meters, I stop, completely confused !. There, right under me, in approximately 02,50 meters of depth, the coral, the horizontal opening of 20 centimeters a vertical tunnel being inserted in the entrails of the reef. And, distributed all around this opening, 07 sumptuous Stolidas Nigers Rostrated outgoing of this one, completely covered coats !. What a splendid vision !. My Friends, hearing me shout on the surface, join me later a few minutes, and after having seen my shells, start to seek very thoroughly around. If, for my part, these shells were the only lucky finds But which superb parts ! from this night, my companions found all variously something of very beautiful. Who, 01 Eglantina and 01 Caputserpentis, another 01 Asellus and 03 Cauricas, the 03° 01 very beautiful Scurra and 02 Arabicas. In short, this night was very generous, as seldom that did not reproduce.

History 21 :
There are evenings also where one should remain well with the heat at home, as that which occurred recently. After 04 hours a night diving 30 harassing with possible because of impressive undertows created by a strong swell broad, a Friend and his companion of diving regain the wharf of setting to water. About midnight, newcomer with range of sight of the beach and wharf, this one being enlightened it realizes all-of-continuation which it does without something odd. After a few moments, it notes with stupor that its car and the harnessed trailer is not there any more !. They have all 02 disappeared, certainly flights !. Fastening its boat with the wharf, it see vaguely, with a few meters of the beach an emerging object of surface to the trough of the vague beachcombers. Approaching to light the object, it immediately recognizes the winch of its trailer. Before chaparder its vehicle, the shadies had thrown the very whole trailer with water not to be embarrassed by it of not completely immersing it because of the high tide of strong amplitude. Then calling his/her companion in misfortune to the rescue, they manage all 02 to go up close to the beach the trailer, without however being able to completely leave it water. Then, using its portable telephone, it calls me for the aid. Leaving one evening with Friends, I am not laid down yet, and takes the road immediately. 30 minutes afterwards, I am on the spot. After having left his annoying posture the trailer, one notes that it was massacred, support of winch twisted, cable of increase crossed, but, extremely fortunately, the 04 tires of the double axles are intact. Not having anything on the spot to repair the trailer sufficiently in order to be able to go up the boat, I then propose with my 02 accomplices to join by the sea a marina located not far from his residence, however that personally I will join them at the same place by the road with the trailer. At once known as, made at once, them in direction of the city by the sea, me by the road. I hardly made 02 or 03 kilometers which I cross the stolen vehicle, with several occupants on board! !. Incredible, these vandals seemed to return to the wharf to still make there I do not know which mean action. Stopping my car, I try to call the Gendarmerie nearest, without success. Being alone and not being able anything to make, I decide to carry on my road as envisaged. 40 minutes later, having joined it with the marina, I take along my Friend to seek his other car and of the tools. Of return then to the marina, the trailer is sufficiently repaired on the spot and the boat re-installed with dryness, then each one returns at home anger in the head.

History 22 :
One morning, I goes to a fair to the businesses taking place each Sunday, not far from the Capital. The weather is nice, the stands many, various, and are stocked most of the time heteroclite goods. The Amateurs are there in good number also, often in Family, sauntering nonchally in search of “the” good bargain. Without really believing in it too much, I am also with the research of the new, even the incongruous one in these filled up places of disparate elements all from/to each other�� Right in the middle of the great place, I find myself opposite a stall in front of which 02 tourists apparently, are haggling over the price of a batch of piled up various shells shovel-mixes in one limps out of paperboard. Approaching me, I look between the 02 people, and, immediately, my heart starts to beat !. In front of my confused eyes, right in the middle of the box in question, simply put over other Lynx, throne a superb Lynx hyper-rostrated of fort beautiful size. Not being able to leave eyes this super part, I waits impatiently while hoping secretly that the 02 tourists from there without will make deal. Mow, at the end of a few minutes, appalling from waiting for me, the business is concluded nevertheless, and one of the men then takes the box after having paid A misery, in more ! and from goes away, accompanied by the other. Deafened, I catch up with them, greets them, and their request if they would not like to me to yield 01 or 02 their shells, which all are of the same species. Oldest says "Ok" to me, and asks me to make a choice. At the time when I will decide, this last catches the super Lynx by saying that it keeps however this shell, this one to me being quite different from aspect that others. Despite everything my efforts of diplomacy of higher bid, it forever desired to yield it to me. Of tired war, I set out again then at home, the large heart to have missed little this shell splendid which will finish its life posed on a piece of furniture, some share, without its Owner not being conscious of his exceptional rarity.

History 23 :
In accordance with an advertisement of search for Nigers shells passed in a specialized review, I receive a call of a Lady living the extreme North of my Country, which affirms me to have some. After having taken his exact address, one gives oneself appointment at it. A few days later, December 22, in company of a Friend, road being long the 300 kilometers and several hours of control, I goes to the known as appointment. On the spot, after having entered the living room, I find myself opposite several large piece of furniture-windows in which several thousands of shells of all families and Genres are exposed. Alas, after meticulous examination, no Niger is there. Only some rare Cones of the Country are interesting, and the Lady, rather old, sells to me then, counters fortune good heart, a small batch of these rather rare Cones, so that I do not return bredouille. Then, it offers to us a friendly tea in its company, accepted of good liking. While discussing, this one says to me that she knew a Mister older than she which could have interesting shells, and its residence indicates me, with some steps from her. After having taken leave of this Lady, moreover extremely pleasant, I goes while going to the house indicated. Arrived at a few meters of this dwelling, I see a Mister opening the gate giving on his garden. Arrived close to him, I greet it, while presenting to me, and announces my research to him. Amazed, it answers me that it had some Nigers Rostrated well, before. When it announces to me that they were 03 splendid Mappas, I trembled literally. Alas, it was for a short duration, because, immediately after, he says to me that I did not have a chance, because he had offered them to 03 Tourists of passage at his place, 01 for each one of them, the 08 of this same month !. I did not return from there !. I would have come to see it earlier 15 days, and I recovered these 03 jewels, gracefully, moreover !.

History 24 :
Several days afterwards, always following the same advertisement, I receive a phone call of a Mister who says to me that the GrandMother of his wife had an impressive collection of shells Nigers Rostrated that her late Mari had fished. By not believing my ears, I ask him to contact this Lady, very old, to ask to him whether it would not be a saleswoman. After consent, he says to me that he held me with the current. Then, more news during step badly of time. Then, one day, I again receive a phone call of this Sir, who announces to me, catastrophed, which it had just learned that the GrandMother of his wife, having lost the head because of a degenerative disease, had buried one day all the shells a little everywhere in her immense garden. Impossible for this Lady to remember when, nor, especially, where that had taken place !. What a wasting !. It unfortunately carried this secrecy in its tomb since, and these shells must be in a quite sad state, now, directly in contact with the wet ground and bad weather since years, for somebody who would find them.

History 25 :
By a splendid falling night and glassy sea, I the boat launches with the former Gendarmery of Plum, then, direction the Bay Uïe Ouïe, distant of ten minute per time calms. On the entered left one of large Bay, I start by going along cliffs, with a few meters of the rocks. Then, abruptly, it takes the irrepressible desire to me to stop Net. Then pushing back the throttle lever in position reverse, all-of-continuation, the engine howls and packs, without going into programmed reverse. Immediately cutting the contact to stop it, in the tread I pass to before and releases the anchor. Faithful to a long practice, it is a reflex which I acquired with respect to any occurring risk year run from exits at sea. Then, lighting a lamp, I go up again with the trim the outboard motor, and lights the base plate to seek the cause of this hitch. Surprised !., the propeller simply disappeared !. To the favour of the reverse gear, this one without any doubt was propelled backwards, the locknut being probably loosened due to lost or broken pin. Not having a propeller of help, this one being in restoration after being damaged on a reef a few days before, I see myself constrained duty launching to me to try to find it. After the preparations of use, I thus immerse myself lit projector, and begins my investigations. Water is limpid and hot, and the propeller being very recent and of color white-cream, I should not have too problems to find it, if however it were not engulfed in some hole, even coral crack, inaccessible, therefore. 10 good minutes after having excavated in vain the small coral plate traversed in all the directions, I move then towards falling. Illuminant its perpendicular, while sweeping the bottom, I see immediately, with the foot of this one by 05 or 06 meters of depth, the propeller, quite simply posed on the sandy bottom and perfectly quite visible !. just like the Mappa Niger Rostrated 90% black of 91,00 mm sauntering at a few centimeters of this one !. Incredible !. If I had not had to seek this lost propeller, there is no doubt that I will not have stopped on this corner and thus not found this piece !. There are evenings ago, like that, where it is not to be better posed too many questions.

History 26 :
Several days later still, always in accordance with the same advertisement, I receive another phone call of a Mister who asks me which kind of shells would interest me. After him to have announced my wish, it affirms me whereas it completely has what I seek, among many others more common. But, he says me, the whole is packed and stored in a container of 05,00 cubic meters garaged at the bottom of the court of its dwelling. This container cumbersome and being garaged there since of the years, this Sir, very sympathetic moreover, announces to me that it free offers the unit to me, contained including, but that I could come to seek the whole as soon as possible. Believing in a hoax orchestrated by one or the other of my mischievous strong Friends, I took leave of this brave man and generous Sir, without same to have asked for his contact. Thereafter, I have many times tried to find it, without success however. Since, I am upset with myself with died not to have taken action on his proposal, remaining in the doubt not to know if I passed beside super the parts or not, offered, in addition !. Now, if that is, this container is perhaps left directly to the dump of his village.

History 27 :
One evening when I had the flemme to leave the boat, I takes the car, direction the Bay Go. Arrived at the fallen night, I launches itself later a few minutes. Skirting falling it from stones to reach the beginning of cliff with a few hundred meters of the car. I swim in a clear water band of 04 or 05 meters of width, whereas with broad of falling, the visibility is on the contrary null, because water being dirty to cross to the knife. Sweeping the bottom of the edge to broad while swimming, 1/4 of hour after I arrive at the foot of cliff, and starts to seek more thoroughly. In apnea, I goes down towards the bottom, while avoiding entering the dirty water band which skirts the edge. Illuminant one moment the limit of water salts, suddenly, a large coral fish in fate and is taken in the beam of my projector. Stopping Net, there remains thus some second motionless. Then, recrachant what it holds between its teeth, it makes half-turn and sets out again in water salts. Flabbergasted, I note that what it comes from recracher is a cowry !. Giving a blow of palms, I succeeded in seizing it just before it does not penetrate between large blocks of rocks, then goes up on the surface. Opening the left hand then, I discover splendid Cribraria 95,00% black and rostree of 28,30 mm. The surprise passed, I is put at still better prospecting the place, saying to me that if a fish made similar lucky find, I must be able to do as much of it !. Mow, 02 hours afterwards, I joined the car with this only shell !. Fortunately that this fish had offered his to me, bus if not I came back home empty-handed !.

History 28 :
One evening, not very form some, I dine early, and, after a good hot bath, lay down me at once after, on the 19 hours blow. I fall asleep continuation, sinking in a heavy sleep. To awake me in start around 10 p.m., alerted by. I do not know what, in fact !. Immediately, like a sleepwalker, I cannot prevent myself from dressing me, to leave at home by closing the house to double-turns, then to load the car and Wave-Runner with my business of plunges night. Direction the marina of coast-white. As of the boat with water and the car parked on the parking, I start the jet and straight directs me towards the Sainte-Marie Small island, not very far from the coast. The sea being strong, I am all-of-continuation soaked to the bones, but it is the summer, and the temperature of water is good. I circumvent the Small island by North, and continuous until opposite a small Bay beaten by the waves. Arrived close to the edge, near of 22 hours 30, I drop enough anchor with broad, the undertow being very important. I waits until the boat is front of the wind and hung well, before finishing equipping me with the lead belt, the palms, masks, tuba and gloves. By doing this, the small shells scoop of 01 meter length which was with my feet slips towards the back of the jet, fall to water because of the waves, and runs with peak. 01 minute later, I am with water also, and puts to me immediately with its research in approximately 03 meters of depth. The visibility is correct, taking into account the basic swell. I then see my 01 meter long scoop planted by the handle with 45 degrees in a hole of a score of centimeters placed on the side of a very large dead coral solid mass. Diving to go to recover it, right before seizing it, I see, had with a few centimeters around the pole scoop, outgoing from the hole, 05 splendid Stolidas Nigers Rostrated of beautiful sizes, together, completely covered with their coats !. Incredible !. I collect them without difficulties in spite of the swell, then regains the boat. With these lucky finds, and the late hour being, harvest being sufficient in my eyes, I weigh the anchor, and returns then to the marina, then return to the house, the serene spirit.

History 29 :
I went to plunge last night to the Uïe Bay, with a Friend and his boat of 07 meters That changes of jet-boat, because hot water on board to rinse itself while leaving water !, and his buddy of usual dive. Separately the swell of South, it was almost perfect, weather question. As of the beginning, while launching itself in 05 minutes Exceptional visibility of more than 10-12 meters !, they had all the both already found each one 01 Mappa rosea, but youthful, slackened continuation after photographs. For my part, a few minutes afterwards, I found also superb Mappa rosea 20% black, but unfortunately very youthful, therefore also slackened. Thereafter, they found of them 02 more others, but still youthful, including 01 enormous Nigerisation beginning, also slackened. With the downward tide, the conditions still improved, and, at the end of 04 hours, I returned to the boat, anchored in 05 meters of deep, very Too much! far from the edge, straightforwardly in the mud. Right before going up on board, I swept neighbourhood with the beam of the projector and there, surprised gross !. With range of light, 01 gigantic “coral block” Which I did not know !, true 15 meters length cathedral, for 06-08 broad, and 04 estimated high. Incredible ! , after 35 years of divings in this bay, I found “a new” coral pie !. I am almost certain that with a very low tide, one would have practically foot on his culminant summit. Then, like the Friends were rather close, I them boards called so that one will see to 03, because I was not quit all alone in the unknown, but especially because I was tired. With their return, I them board thus drags towards this promising stone. Alas, the play of the currents and the turning breeze of East wind made that I put at least good half an hour to refind the site, the Others not believing in it too, tending then not not to too much want to go about the middle of bay. And then finally, I found it, this famous coral solid mass !. What a wonder !. And when I arrived the first top, I howled in spite of me, so much it “felt” Mappas !. I am descended like insane, to make of it the turn before my Colleagues, but not, too large !, impossible into 01 only apnea in 06-07 meters of water, I thus went up, whereas my 02 Comparses went down in their turn !. Horrible ! , I had the heart in crumbs to thus see them “finishing” work !. I would have believed myself returned in the years of my beginnings in the research of Nigers Rostrated !. And of course, I then saw one of my fellow-Members taking his scoop and diving it under the block, at its base !. There, I believed to burst ! , palpitating it to zero, “imagining” instantaneously what a part it had been able to see !. I saw it leaving the scoop stone, and taking something inside, while going up on the surface !. Arrived on the surface, I was already on him to open the hand to him !. OUF ! , just and only ! splendid Mappa rosea very large and convex !. Then, one patrolled around, but I was tired too much to continue with this depth after almost 05 hours of dive. Then, one returned to the house! !. But the worst, it is that at the time of our return, one realized that nobody “had thought” of raising a point GPS of this stone !. Idiot, not !. Because to find it, now, unless having conditions like these, and even then : not obvious of the whole !. In any case, that confirms what I always “had a presentiment of” all these years : there is, some share, in the middle of this bay, of large blocks with Mappas, remains to find them, and that, I do not know if I would see it the my alive one !.

History 30 :

Once a time, I was falling by night in an autonomous diving suit, in the "Carenage Bay", by 20 meters deep, on a steep coral fall that dropped to more than 40 meters Behind my back : the absolute black !, on a site "of Martinis" Monumental ! really incredible !. Before my amazed eyes, agglutinated on the "base" of the potatoes, just before the vertical fall, there were hundreds Variete "Superstes " !, even thousands in front of my mask !. In a few minutes, febrilous, I filled a 1/2 liter plastic gourd, not counting all the innumerable shells that let fall pell-mell in the abyss, while I was filling my mini-dip !. The gourd fulled in a few minutes After details : 517 shells, in 01 dive !, I regained the surface and my boat. But a very strong "West wind blow", virulent, had risen in the meantime, and made me leave precipitately, making me completely forget, in the urgency, to well reperate this Site. I've been looking it for for years, but without success : completely "zapped", this formidable corner !. I have finally found a few Martinis, 01 of which obviously well rostree & constellee of very big blackheads on the back Awkwardly as soon as lost trying to put it in the mini-dip !, but never again the "great gathering" of then !. It must however still exist, in this Bay, that "Martinis nest", perhaps too "great seasonal gathering "?!, and I hope to have another day again the chance to find it !.

History 31 :
By a very beautiful morning of calm sea, I was gone for a shot of "Lobster Porcelain", at the Grand Barrier reef, to the left of the channel of Dumbea. The Lobsters were good to go, and I had already made 10 or 12 very big, when I see, in a huge flaw of the falling inside, near a huge massive coral block, a living Nautilus Rare to see in daylight ! enter, with its approach saccadee, in a large opening of this giant coral. As it was huge, I decided to take it, and so approached the opening hole of this cave, located at about 05 meters deep. Inside, 02 meters of the edge, Nautilus was caught between its tentacles a huge "Mappa of Reef" ! : I had never seen that, or even heard of such a "behavior" on the part of this Specie !. In fact, in front of my eyes, there was no not only 01 Mappa, but nice & well 04 shells !, come together on approximately 50 cm², and the Nautilus had catched the largest !. It was the first time that day, I found a "Reef Mappa", shell found usually in the depths of dark nights, as "wild" very, & normally hidden in the depths of their houses !. Of course, I pick them up Mappas & Nautilus, because not only he had an intact shell & very highly colored As is often the case when living finds !, but additionally it was the largest that I ever saw !. Very good "output sea" so far - which has never recurred later, unfortunately !.

History 32 :
Monday, November 12, 2017, 19 :30 P.M., I went diving the "Ouen Island" has. Approximately 45 minutes at speed 25 Nds. It was flat calm sea, but. at 100 meters from my destination, my engine All just review ! dropped the exhaust manifold if being lost at the inside of the hull. . If I didn't install 02 big automatic pumps a few weeks ago, I would have simply "flowing" in a few minutes In the pitch black ! !. I joined the edge with paddle, but could not repair, lack of proper tools !. So I took out my cell phone to call Friends has help, but, as of course, this little World was not available, for various reasons. . So, I called the mechanician who maintains my Jets, to ask itself also has come after me, but he had removed the engine of his boat, as I had seen the morning same !. Then I leave Him the GPS coordinates of the place or I was, for the case or !. By the time I wanted to put my laptop, it has fallen into water : completely tied !. I couldn't receive or call anyone !. So, I started a row to reach a large beach has about 600 meters from where I was. I was just happens, as a"West winds" is started., that lasts all night !. Cannot "beaching" my Jet on the sand because of the big waves deferlantes & pebbles now also, I anchorage the boat at 50 meters from the shoreline in a fury so crank past the night in all directions by the waves, without being able to rest a single minute !. At the beginning of day, everything went quiet in a few minutes, flat calm has returned, and I was able therefore to put my Jet dry on plage !. Without the ability to call anyone, so I "patient" Transition !, has shelter from the Sun under large trees, waiting that a boat passes to ask it help !. Of course, among those that are happening far away, none are past pretty close to see me !. Then, around 09 :00 A.M., I've seen 01 boat happen right on my position : it was the Police of the sea coming to pick me up, because the mechanician, not having have had me on my 02 phones Fixed & Portable ! in the morning, is "doubt" I had of having another problem , & therefore made necessary by calling the phone number "16" Absolute emergency number ! & giving them contact information that I had sent him the night before, know : the safety of ships at sea !. The Team of Rescue, super-Friendly, so me back has good port aboard their boat to rapid response, as well as my boat in tow : again a big thank you to this crew for their availability & professionalism !. Around 11 :00 A.M. I was at home, Finally !. Tied & relieves, but not at all proud to have had my little Personnal "Koh-Lanta Survivor" unexpected for me alone, which ended all in all, pretty well !.