BOOK JMC (Présentation)
Cover 1977Cover 1999



Thanks :
This work was designed and shaped by a native Neo-Caledonian, entirely funded by the Neo-Caledonian Family Funds,
and published on November 15, 1977 by an entirely Neo-Caledonian Company.
Even the new cover manufactured and installed in August 1999 was conducted in this way.
NOTHING was made outside this Territory (More colloquially known as: "Caillou").
I once again warmly thank my Parents, without the financial assistance of which this Book would never have been possible.
Thanks to them, there is now a Work allowing All the Collectors of the whole World to value their Nigerostrees Shells.

Author / Publisher : Jean Maurice CHATENAY
Shots : Jean-François CRUELAS (A Photographer Friend)
English translation : Michel METZDORF (A Cousin)
Financing of the Project : Jean-Jules & Jeannine CHATENAY (My Parents)

Topic :
Alteration of form and colors in almost all of the New Caledonian porcelain species,
giving them a spectacular exterior appearance and the most beautiful effect.
It is a "Phenomene" of aberration of endemic structure formation for 90% in New Caledonia,
and for the remaining 10%, scattered on a few Sites around the World, especially in Australia (Middle East Coast).
This "disease" interests both the Beginner and the Amateur, even the Collector confirms.

Aspect :
The book has a format of 220x150x10mms, 120 pages, 50 color plates, 115 color photographs
a lying blanket with two mat faces (For the former from 1977),
a more recent two-sided glossy coated cover (For the short story from 1999).

Besides the Situation of New Caledonia in the Pacific Ocean, the Reader of this Book will find
a summary map of the area of ​​influence of the Phenomene,
a summary map with more precise designation of the places where it is most intense,
according to the number of species to be discovered (The most common).
Also, in alphabetical order, the description of each Shell (From Normal to Niger form and / or maximum known Rostree),
of the Animal and the habitat it usually frequents.
Finally, an unusual fact in a book like this, a scale of average values
for each evolutionary stage of the Phenomene, corresponding to the Species described.
Note however that these values, which are not quotes, have no rigorous or definitive nature,
as it is true that they can vary, from simple to double, depending in particular on the Size,
Rostration, and the intensity of the Melanism of the Shell that we evaluate.
In these cases, the values ​​being often "subjective", prices are required on express request to the Seller (P.o.r.).
Or, quite simply, the famous principle recognized by all Collectors, namely: that of Supply and Demand (O.D.).
Since its publication in 1977, this work, now recognized worldwide, has proven to be very valuable for all exchanges, purchases,
or sales in Niger porcelain and / or various Rostrees,and, in addition, in French and English languages simultaneously.