My family :

The Genesis of the Family goes back a long way.
"Classed" in 11° position in the Hierarchy of French Nobility, with even, as Arms,
a superb coat of arms representative of it, that my Father managed to reconstruct, after researching in the rare Documents that he was able to collect.
Alas, in the dark years of the Guillotine (French Royalty), our original name: "De CHASTENAY" was "allege" from its "Particule" and "S",
to become simply : "CHATENAY" in short, in order to escape the murderous all-out witch hunt that resulted from this era!.
Our Family, established for many Generations in New Caledonia,
my close relatives, all still alive today, are as follows :
- My Father (1924-2019), CHATENAY Jean Jules, Retired from the Territorial Public Service,
former Professor of Carpentry in a Technical High School of Noumea.
Thanks to his experience, he even built himself a very good outboard boat
made of wood and plywood, with which there have been countless trips to the sea.
- Ma Mere (Born March 17, 1928), PICOT Jeannine Rose Clemence, by Profession: "Hairdresser",
job that she had to stop prematurely
to continue as a Staying Mother to care for her three Children.
- 01 Elder sister, Ghislaine, Retired from the Territorial Public Service in Noumea, former Secretary of Administration.
- 01 Sister Cadette, Nicole, Retired from the Territorial Public Service in Noumea, former Administrative Medical Secretary.
- And. without forgetting of course my faithful dog named : "Oslo", himself very fond of going out to sea, who allowed himself,
to dive ten meters deep to come and get me by my T-shirt to go back to the surface !!.
The real passion for the sea and its derivatives was transmitted to me by my Father,
who was also a very good spearfisher (In 1953, with his Brother Roger,
he was even part of the "Hunchback Dores" team at the "Caledonian Underwater Fishing Centennial Championship"), in my youth.
But my two Parents jointly fond of the external pleasures of nature, such as Camping, Fishing, Hunting,
Various Sports, there was not a month without a weekend of Camping, Fishing, or Others.
Very young, very often, and for a very long time, I shared these outings with my Parents.

Myself :

Born in 1949, on July 25. alas, when still a Baby of 01.5 years old, following a common childhood illness (Pertussis),
I developed a much more serious illness (Leukemia), during which I was very close to dying, my last chance to escape
having been to undergo irradiating treatment of 03 adult doses of Cobalt rays, received at 03 hours apart,
which allowed my organism to effectively fight the evil from which it suffered, and to escape from it.
Thereafter, I remained in a fairly fragile health until the age of about 16 years, date on which I began to do weight training in order to strengthen my physical condition.
Thus, in a few weeks, I was able to begin, with some ease, to practice various sports.
From Leo and Buffalo Astrological Signs, my Personality fairly well reflects the cumulative characteristics of these 02 signs, except for "ambition", which has never been my strong point.
Despite this, I remained celibataire, and to my great regret like that of my relatives, have no descendants.

My Professional Career :

From the age of 18 1/2, I started a career in the Territorial Public Service,
as a Building Designer, then as a Cartographer Designer,
then as Cadastral Designer, finally the last 03 years, as Responsible
of Team in the Management of the Built Administrative Heritage in South Province.
Carried out after 32 years of service, I retired in 1999.
Now I can fully devote all my free time to the leisure activities that I enjoy.

My Sports Course :

Due to the often nautical activities practiced since very young during outings with my parents,
so I normally started with swimming and fishing.
My Grandmother also gave me my first fishing net from the age of 12.
Quite quickly, spearfishing became a main attraction.
With the purchase in 1971 of my first boat (Registered: "Subtile"), I "scoured" the South Neo-Caledonian lagoon for 21 years,
with happiness and good results, often in Spearfishing Competitions, during which I distinguished myself in 1976,
with an Individual New Caledonia Champion Title, and in the crowd,
01 silver medal by Team at the South Pacific Games in Guam, the same year.
I have accumulated at the same time Archery recurve, also in Competitions, with, in this Discipline, the still number of good results,
with many Trophees won, New Caledonian Records (Some of which still hold !), and above all,
01 gold medal by team and 02 silver individual in 1996 at the Pacific Games in Tahiti.
Not satisfied, I also combined Bowling, and the chain of innumerable games, including 01 of 287 one evening of super form.
And what about the big game fishing, practiced for years, with, even, in 1978,
an Igfa World record (A white tuna of 36.5 Kg on a 20 Lbs line) not homologous for lack of sufficient evidence.
And many other sports, such as clay pigeon shooting, rifle or pistol shooting, petanque, darts, angling, etc.

My complementary Hobbies :

In addition to the main ones described above, I love Sci-Fi novels and Films, Bds, Reading, Ballads in Forests.
Now, with my second boat, a 03-seat Bombardier Jet bought in 1996 (Name: "Subtle 02"),
I go out mainly for night dives (Since 1969: several thousand hours under my belt !!).
Always looking for some beautiful Nigtre Rostrees to photograph in situ in their finest attire,
before the current pollution kills them or the Phenomene disappears.
Since 2010, I bought a second Bombardier Jet, also with 03 seats,
but more recent and powerful, with 85 Cv against 70 Cv for the old.
It will also be equipped with the same improvements as the first, but with however
a good touch of modernity, resulting from the experience garnered with the old.

My Book about Nigers and / or Rostrées (N / R) (Nigerostrées) :

Lover of porcelain since very young, discoverer of my first Nigers and Rostrees (Nigerostrées) in 1969,
and, after a few years of happy finds,
I acquired the certainty that the idea of ​​making a reference work on the subject would prove useful, even necessary.
In 1977, after research which required long months, including 03 months for the model, 01 1/2 months for the photos,
03 months for four-color plates, 03 months again for printing,
this idea materialized with its long awaited publication on November 15, 1977.
From its release, it became "THE" World and International reference in the Restricted World of Amateurs by Nigers Rostrees (N / R).
Exchanges, sales, purchases, are therefore very often linked to descriptions according to the progressive stages proposed in this exhaustive Book.
In addition, as the old cover from 1977 had been printed in matt, I decided, in August 1999, to change the latter with a new one,
improved by a brilliant print (Glacee), with 01 new photo of Rostree shell on the front, and, above all, my Names and First Names,
visible on the front, while these were only present on the coast in the 1977 Original Edition, and not on the front.

My current Site (Complementary to my Book !) :

Begins in May 2005, using "Frontpage 2000 Premium" software,
improves with his successor "Frontpage 2003" which I ended up more or less "mastering",
then finalized in July 2008 with "Sharepoint Designer 2007", and very recently with the help of "Expression Web4".
With its launch on the Web in August 2008, this Site is anticipated as a hoped-for, if not expected, "extension" to my Personal Book.
To my personal satisfaction, its effective publication on the Net will, I hope,
dream the few Visitors of it, Young but also Seniors, in the coming years.
Of course, it will never be completely "finished", given the many updates necessary to bring it regularly.

My Current Address:

CHATENAY Jean Maurice
BP. 30966
98895 Nouméa Cedex

Phone : (687) 44 37 99
Mobile :
(687) 82 70 36
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